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Robert Booth

box 44158, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

(C) 780-863-3237,


A highly skilled and motivated profesional with 20 years of experience in the transportation Industry including, operating , staff aquisition, retention and supervision. My goal is to Attract a company That welcomes new ideas and supports aggresive growth. 

Work Experience

Transportation foreman (07/01/2009 – Present)

Previous operation experience, buisness and staff management experience

Last Employer: Surerus Pipeline Construction

Contact Person: Carmen 1 250-263-2250

Responsibilities: Responsible for Equipment mobilization throughout pipeline construction projects. providing hand picked operators to ensure safe and timely deliveries. knowledge commercial transport permitting procedures, and hour of service regulations.

Accomplishments: successfully led a team of 6 members on two separate jobs consisting of over 140 kms of pipeline construction. over 700 machines delivered accident, incident free.

President (03/01/2005 – 10/24/2008)

Feild sales, operator aquisition,retention,motivation, Negotiation, problem solving , crittical thinking. dispatch

Last Employer: AimEnt Inc

Responsibilities: Manage all aspects of new start up, sales, invoicing, dispatch, maintenance, lease op and driver aquisition and retention.

Accomplishments: Startes from basically zero, attained gross revenue of 1.4 million first year. composed a loyal following of proffesional drivers.


Establishment: Archbishop oleary

Degree: high school

Education Period: 08/01/1988 - 06/01/2010


Driving: Rig moves , super-b , tridem high boy, gravel and invert with truck and pup combinations, crude oil, refer , equipment moving, heavy haul, tank truck ( water and sour fluid) Management: dispatch, foreman, self employed

Computer Skills: proficient in word,excel, email,text

Additional Information

I am a quick learner, i look forward to a challenge. I have always excelled quickly at what ever task i take on. I have a very keen sense of humour and look forward to working with you.

Certifications or Licensures: class 1 liscence h2s whimis first aid


My interests include fishing, fixing, family time. I am looking forward to organizing charities in the future and helping those in need how i can. I have a strong freind network in a wide spectrum of proffesions which enables me to tap into different areas of experties when neccesary.