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Ronald Smith

522 CA-Crest, Shorewood, Illinois, 60404, United States

(C) 815-531-7031,


Looking for an EMS pilot pisition with PHI INC.

Work Experience

AG pilot (01/18/2010 – Present)

Currently working as AG pilot/mechanic in an AG aviation business using WASP, Tomcat, Bell47G5, UH1, and Dromadears aircraft.

Last Employer: Hendrickson Flying Service

Contact Person: Chuck Hendrickson

Responsibilities: Safely apply chemical product to crops at low altitude. Assist chief mechanic in the service and repair of aircraft and equipment.

Accomplishments: Flown 280 hours applying product to 23000 acres without incident. Assisted in the building and maintenance of five helicopters and five airplanes.

Heavy equipment operator (03/01/2003 – 11/27/2009)

Operate dozers and excavators in the pipeline industry

Last Employer: local 150 operating enginers

Responsibilities: Safely and accurately operate heavy equipment in the installation of petroleum pipelines.

Helicopter Scout Pilot (06/01/1979 – 06/01/2002)

Conducted aerial reconnaissance and attack operations in a aviation cavalry attack troop. Flying in adverse weather day, night and under night vision goggles. supervised aviation maintenance shops platoon

Last Employer: US Army

Responsibilities: Safely Coordinate joint attack missions, call for artillery fire, spot targets, draw fire, report enemy contact. Supervise the operation of a shops platoon consisting of an engine shop, hydraulic shop, airframe shop, and electrical shop

Accomplishments: Attended Aviation Maintenance Officers course. Flew over 1800 hours. Retired Chief Warrent Officer 3.


Commercial Pilot Helicopter Private Airplane Single Engine 2130 hours Total Time 1320 PIC 400 Night 260 NVG 1890 Turbine (82hr UH1, 1800hr OH-58) 140 Simulator/ simulated instrument

Additional Information

Professional Membership: IAAA

Certifications or Licensures: Commercial Rotary wing, private fixed wing. Illinois Department of Agriculture Aerial applicator license


Flying, Gardining, Travle, wood work