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Shane kornum

#217, 2911 109 st, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

(H) (780) 463-5314, (C) (587) 987-2151,


I would like to obtain a full-time postion with your company. I am a team player, but can always work on my own. I'm a great problem solver and very efficent at the task i'm doing.

Work Experience

Driller (07/10/2006 – Present)

I have been operating a watson 2500 drilling rig, driving tractor and 53 ft trailors as well as tandom steer/tridom drive kenworth with a 54ft top heavy derrick on top.Ive pushed, pulled, drug and drove heavy equipment through miles of bush for 12 years .I have over 15 valid safety tickets including first aid,whimis,h2s,fire extinguisher course

Last Employer: Energy drilling

Contact Person: (780) 485-0999

Responsibilities: I am currently running and supervising a drilling crew all over Alberta.I am responsible for our crew and equipment.Dealing with oilfield customers on a daily basis and trusted with big decisions

Waterwell driller (02/01/2004 – 07/09/2006)

Ran waterwell drill for almost 2 years.

Last Employer: Big Iron

Responsibilities: Drive out to location, drill water wells from start to finish.


Establishment: Greenall High school, Balgonie SK

Degree: Diploma

Education Period: 09/01/1995 - 06/24/1998


Operate heavy machinery, valid class 1 with clean abstract,drive and operate anything that runs if given a chance.I am a good people person and dont mind a little bit of hard work

Additional Information

I am currently seeking work that will get me home more than once a month so i can spend time with my wife and 3 year old boy


I enjoy spending time with my family. Playing sports with my son, listening to music, playing the kinect and other video games. Going out for movies and dinners.