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Sharon Storey

1017 Redbud St., Perryville, AR, 72126, United States

(H) 409-291-1084, (C) 409-291-1084,


Seeking a challenging position of responsibility where my Graphic Design, writing experience and creative desire can be used for mutual benefit. Ideally, the position would incorporate my dedication for perfection and the publisher's need for a better publication.

Work Experience

Freelance Ad Designer and Writer (10/06/2008 – 05/24/2010)

After starting at a small weekly newspaper, I was hooked. I decided to take a few years off and work on my own with different publications to see "how other people did it". I did ads and wrote varies articles for local fishing publication as well as a logging industry magazine.

Last Employer: Self

Page Designer/WebPage Creator (07/19/2010 – 09/30/2010)

Set up 8-12 page weekly newspaper from paste-up to a paginated format in less than three weeks. Designed all pages weekly with content provided by ad designer and news editor. Created website using iweb.

Last Employer: Newton County News

Contact Person: Glenn Mitchell

Responsibilities: Started the process of moving and changing all ads, masthead, title pages, etc. to a digital format. Once the stylesheet for newspaper was created, I designed all pages on a weekly basis and changed all to pdf, then burning to CD. Responsible for communication of process to the printer to ensure a clean and well-designed newspaper.

Ad Sales  (09/06/2004 – 10/03/2008)

The position started out in ad sales and design and quickly moved to all areas of newspaper layout and production. With only three people to produce a weekly publication, it is a responsibility for all to learn every area of the business. I jumped on a daily basis from designing an ad to taking a classified, to updating webpage, to printing a statement, to cutting and pasting down newscopy, etc. i also took newsprint negatives that we made onsite to our printer weekly, then picked up and delivered to all area retail outlets and newpaper machines throught the county.

Last Employer: Newton County News

Contact Person: Glenn Mitchell (409) 379-2416

Responsibilities: The newspaper business is a never-ending challenge and complete joy. I finally found, in my 30's, my niche. I can't see myself ever doing anything else. Creating a newspaper from start to finish has more rewards than I have ever known in any career.

Church Secretary/Bookeeper (10/04/1999 – 12/19/2003)

Responsible for counting, recording and depositing all contributions to church. Created and produced 200 weekly bulletins as well as an 8 page monthly newsletter. Ran church office as well as assisted Pastor in all other areas of church organization. Attended and acted as Secretary (recorded minutes) for all church council meetings.

Last Employer: St. Matthew Lutheran Church, Paducah, KY

Contact Person: Pastor Steve Wood (270) 442-8294


Establishment: Hudson High School

Degree: HS Diploma

Education Period: 08/06/1973 - 05/17/1985

Average Grade: B


A knowledge for newspaper layout and design, for ad placement, news copy, etc. The ability to work alone and be self-driven. A knowledge of a newspaper business from start to print.

Computer Skills: Proficient in Mac OSX, including Quark Express, Adobe Photoshop, pdf conversions, etc. Briefly worked on Pagemaker, All page design software is basically the same, things just in different places. Created website with IWeb, Photoshop and Youtube.