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Stacey Couture

340 Gray Drive, Pabineau Falls, New Brunswick, Canada

(H) 506 350 0220,


My career objective is very open. I work hard at everything I do and my personality is a huge asset to any position. I am very easy going, friendly and a fast learner. I get along well with everyone and tend to make people feel comfortable.

Work Experience

Telemarketer (08/16/2010 – Present)

Computer used to call customers to do surveys.

Last Employer: Pollara

Contact Person: Darla Chamberlain/506 548 8216

Responsibilities: Phoning people to do surveys.

Accomplishments: I do very well on the phone and have been told I have a great phone presence. I enjoy speaking to a variety of people everyday. Reason for leaving - Closing December 31, 2010

Cashier (09/08/2009 – 09/29/2009)

Worked a cash register at a convenience store/restaurant. Served customers food and cleaned.

Last Employer: Baxter Coninience

Contact Person: Vivian Arseneau/506 548 0819

Responsibilities: Serving customers, tending to cash and cleaning.

Accomplishments: Loved talking to a variety of people, learned to operate a cash register and work as a team with others. Reason for leaving - Not enough hours

Telemarketer (08/09/2000 – 03/14/2001)

Outbound call center.

Last Employer: Pollara

Contact Person: Different Staff now

Responsibilities: Telephoning clients to do surveys

Accomplishments: Learned more computer skills and how to relate to people. Reason for leaving - Maternity leave


Establishment: Bathurst High School

Degree: Grade 12 graduate

Education Period: 09/10/1990 - 06/23/1993

Average Grade: 70


I get along very well with people and love to learn new things. I tend to be very organized and always there to lend a hand to anyone who needs it. I don't give up and never leave a task unfinished.

Computer Skills: Very familiar with computers and am willing to learn new things to improve.


My number one priority is my family, and I continue to try my hardest to give them what they need. I am also a huge animal lover and have two dogs that are also considered family to me. My philosophy on life is to live and let live and try to make the best of every situation, why be unhappy, we only have one life to live.