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Tannis Antonio



To spend an amazing year with Transat, feeding my passion for travel adventures. In sharing my experiences with the Transat audience, it is my hope to inpsire others to get up off that couch and start seeing the world. Let's do the things you always said you wanted!

I am in a very fortunate position in my life, with the time, freedom and incredible staff, allowing me the year away. 

In the longer view, I would love to host vacations for solo travellers.


Work Experience

Director, Sutherland House (09/06/1992 – Present)

Sutherland House provides residential, intense therapeutic intervention, support and skills training to youth with diagnosed psychiatric disorders and their families.

Last Employer: Contractor for the Province of B.C., Ministry for Children and Families

Contact Person: Monica Siverston, 250-554-5800

Responsibilities: As a contractor, I am responsible for all aspects of operations at Sutherland House. Program design and delivery, staffing, training, case management, liaison, fiscal budgets and payroll.

Accomplishments: In the past 19 years, 200 young people have graduated from the Sutherland House program. While it is difficult to gauge success in a field where measurement is subjective and relative, all but 3 of the children have gone on to live productive, honourable and crime free lives. We are very proud of each of these children.


Establishment: Royal Roads University

Degree: accepted for enrollment in the Masters Program

Education Period: 11/30/-1 - 11/30/-1

Speciality: Conflict Analysis and Management, Thai-Canadian Specialisation

Average Grade: n/a

Details: My acceptance to Royal Roads was put on hold at my request pending an announcement of a Master's degree program at the Justice Institute of B.C. in Community Safety and Criminal Justice Leadership. J.I.B.C. is my preferred Educational Institution.

Establishment: Justice Institute of British Columbia

Degree: 1)Critical Incident Stress Management and Trauma Debriefing. 2) International Online Policing and Investigations. 3) Investigations and Enforcement

Education Period: 09/05/2006 - 12/30/2008

Speciality: Certification in all areas

Average Grade: 94%

Details: Critical Incident Stress Management and Trauma Debriefing as it pertains to global disaster response and emergency services response. International Online Investigations as it pertains to detecting, monitoring and documenting illegal online activities. Investigations and Enforcement with focus on visual on scene forensic evidence imaging and documentation, advanced interviewing techniques and conflict and risk management.


Sense of humour and seeing the silver lining through dark clouds. Flexible. Dependable, reliable and prompt. Technical and creative writing. Public speaking. Well mannered.

Computer Skills: Certification in Police related cyber investigations; i.e., IP address locators, cloaking applications, OSINT, social network monitoring. Windows Vista Pro. Microsoft Office Suite. Web page design. FaceBook.

Foreign Language Skills: While working very hard to learn Spanish. I do travel with an advanced electronic translator which is equipped with multi language voice recognition and tutorials.

Additional Information

Honors: Honorary "Sister" to the Lytton/Lilloet Aboriginal Band.

Conferences or Courses: Too many to list

Professional Membership: B.C.F.P.A. B.C.A.F.P.A, I.C.I.S.F.


My interests and hobbies are eclectic! Of course, number one is travelling. My committment is to learn at least one new hobby or sport each vacation. Scuba and shark diving, ziplining, surfing, salsa lessons and swimming with dolphins to name a few.

It is important to me to be able to make a meaningful contribution to communites I am priveledged enough to visit. Sometimes it means having an opportunity to teach free English classes, or providing much needed school supply items.

Other interests include dancing, reading, dogs, gardening, art and planning the next vacation.



And lying under a palapa on a sandy beach in a fantastic resort is always a very good day!