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Tyler Woods


Address: 4005 Hemlock Court

City: Dover

State: Delaware

Zip: 19901

Country: United States

Cell: 3029437531


The objective for me is to have a stable job that supports me and helps me with where i want to go in life. This opportunity allows me to be more familiar with the tools and areas needed in my career that im choosing. The field that i will be entering is Automotive Technology and need to know the most that i can. This job allows me to learn more about the tools and the fundamentals of each element.


Work Experience

Customer Associate (11/09/2009 – Present)

I have worked at Best Buy for just over six months now and have a great work relation with everyone. Trust and Respect is highly viewed and is always shown. This allows you to talk and interact with customers a whole new way and show them that it is all about them and brings a better relation with the customer for more satisfaction.

Last Employer: Best Buy, Dover, DE

Contact Person: 3026770200

Responsibilities: My responsibilities with this job is to acknowledge customers and help them the best that i can when they enter the store and outside. I help them find the items they would like if they cannot find them, check them out at registers, restocking, and cleaning.

Lawn Care Service (06/03/2009 – 08/01/2009)

Long hot enduring days with repeated tasks was expected and fulfilled.

Last Employer: Lawn Care Plus, Punta Gorda, FL

Responsibilities: Responsibilities were to take care of the equipment and the customers lawns. Mowing lawns, weed whacking, and trimming.

Food Server/preparer (02/27/2010 – 06/04/2008)

First job that i had. This job built trust, responsibility and respect. A fun job that was fairly easy but expected highly of you.

Last Employer: AAFES-Starbucks, Yokota, Japan

Responsibilities: Prepare food and drinks for the customers, show a friendly environment, clean, restock items, and use cash registers.


Establishment: Caesar Rodney High School, Camden-Wyoming, DE

Degree: NA

Education Period: 08/30/2009 - 06/05/2010

Speciality: NA

Average Grade: B

Details: This is the high school i graduated from this year, my career pathway was Technology. I will be starting College in August with Delaware Technical Institute in Georgetown, DE for Automotive Technology.


The skills that i obtain are the abilities to understand different pathways, responsible, respectful, and very reliable.

Computer Skills: I took a year of Computer Service Support, building and repairing Computers. I have worked greatly with Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint and know the basics of just about every program.


Few of the interests that are my daily activities and hobbies is to take care of cars. I work on friends cars along with mine, repairing and doing any kind of detailed work there is from defining what a problem is to determining how to undergo the solution. Before this hobbie came along i was into football and wrestling for sports in school.