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William J. Rush

1028 west E Street, Ontario, CA, 91762, United States

(H) 909-638-4242,


To get money to pay for school, and to gain useful experience while contributing positively to the working environment.

Work Experience

Grill/Line cook (prep cook) (01/08/2007 – 03/16/2009)

Last Employer: Nature's Express, llc.

Responsibilities: Did all my own prep work, made sure to have several back ups of product and condiments. Kept a clean workstation. Prepared orders very timely. and made sure that at the end of my shift everything was ready for the next person coming in.

Accomplishments: unofficially, me and my expo filled a 22 person order in 14 minutes, with NO mistakes. twice.


Establishment: Arizona Western College

Degree: n/a

Education Period: 05/03/2004 - 11/30/-1

Average Grade: 3.2

Establishment: Vista High School

Degree: Diploma

Details: competed in SkillsUSA and was awarded every time, in culinary arts. Won best original dish, twice.


I am fast and accurate. Once I know how something is done I don't forget it. My recipe memorization is excellent. And I know my way around a kitchen. I keep a positive attitude, and try to impress often. I take pride in my work. I am great with a knife and better with a spatula. I enjoy creating new and exciting things in the kitchen.


I can cook any style cuisine, but my favorite is American. I also enjoy mexican, japanese, hawaiian, english, and vegan. I love creating and it goes beyond the plate. I paint and do design work as well.