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adam shempert

16371 125th ave NE, foley, Minnesota, 56329, United States

(H) 320 355 2826, (C) 320 290 0022,


I looking to start a career with a construction company that meets my needs.  I have expirienc in many of the trades.  I am a hard worker and take pride in my work.

Work Experience

General laborer (04/01/2010 – 01/01/2009)

This job gave me expirience in all the trades when comes to Building a house from the ground up

Last Employer: Eric walcheski

Contact Person: 320-360-4041

Responsibilities: To work with this company you needed to be well rounded in the construction buisness. I had to do many different things poor footings,cement, framer,roofing,siding,sheet rock,hang windows and doors and trim run a bobcat and a lull

Accomplishments: There were many challenges every time we overcame and to look back see what great job was an accomplishment. made me proud to be a part of this company.

roofer (03/01/2010 – Present)

I have been roofing for about 7 yrs now. either for someone else or on my own.

Last Employer: nordmann extiors

Contact Person: 320-293-2228

Responsibilities: My main responsibilties was tear off lay under layment to code Put style D on any valley or extras needed. Then apply new shingles. I also needed to train new employes what was expectad and answer any questions

Accomplishments: I have devolped a skill and i feel i can do it better than most. I am a leader when it comes to this trade.

carpenter (11/28/2007 – 04/01/2008)

gave me expirience in commercal building

Last Employer: Big 10 construction

Responsibilities: my responbilties changed alot they would tell me what to build and i would build it.


Establishment: foley schools

Degree: High school diploma


I have been in the construction bussiness since i graduated from high school. i know how to do allot of different things. I know what a company expectad out of employee

Computer Skills: basic computer skill.