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anabel virgen

3271 layton ct, riverside, CA, 92503, United States

(C) 9512189349,


My objectives are to get a part time job so I help my parents pay for my education. By getting this job i would be able to put some money towards my education when im ready to transfer out to USC. 

Work Experience

F&b attendant (11/17/2007 – 09/11/2010)

work experience that i gained while i was working at this job was how to interact with people. how to be responsible how to handle money. I have experience with the POS system

Last Employer: Amf riverside lanes

Responsibilities: i had to clean, cook, prep food. wash dishes, help costumers, ring up sales.

Accomplishments: i learned to be more responsible and learned to manage money better.


I can interact with other people very well. good communication skills.

Computer Skills: POS system

Foreign Language Skills: bi-lingual speak spanish , fluently.

Additional Information

Im at a community college right now but im planning on transferring out to USC. To become a Orthodontist.


When i have time for myself and im not in school. I like to go out for walks, go to the gym, take my little brother and nephew out to play at the park, walk my dogs. My hobby would have to be photography. I like taking pictures of random things flowers, people, buildings.