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Angela Macedo

52 Nine Pines Rd, Kitchener, ON, Ontario, Canada

(H) (519)743-1993, (C) (519) 616-4560,


My goal is to obtain meaningful full/part time employment in a reputable company.

Work Experience

Shift Leader (04/17/2006 – Present)

Last Employer: Dairy Queen

Contact Person: Christine Naylor (519)743-2881

Responsibilities: Count Currency, Assign work to do, Work with customer, Close/open store, Decorate custom cakes, Prepare food orders, Operate til

Accomplishments: Dairy Queen certification successfully attained, Promoted to shift leader through hard work, Held First job for four years and continuing.


Establishment: St.Mary's/St.Louis

Degree: In progress

Education Period: 09/05/2005 - 04/16/2010

Average Grade: 70%


Ability to handle currency floats and deposits, Ability to delgate work, Strong work ethic, Works well in a team,

Computer Skills: Microsoft word, Microsoft powerpoint, Excel,

Additional Information

Volunteered for Operation Christmas Child in 2007 Participant in walk for cancer,

Honors: Athlete of the year in 2004, Photograph of the year in 2009, Top scorer/MVP for soccer 2002

Publications: I have been published in ontario newspapers for a championship provincial soccer team.

Conferences or Courses: Babysitting course 2001

Professional Membership: Membership to a rotary gun club

Certifications or Licensures: G2 class driver lincense, Rookie Patrol Cert. swim guard, Qualified babysitter Cert., Registered firearm license


I am a natural athlete. I am very generous. I believe in caring about people. I enjoy social activities. I value strong interpersonal relationships.