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Jacquelyn  Ripplinger


Address: 2309 Glenngarry Rd

City: Prince George

State: British Columbia

Country: Canada

Phone: 2509629878


My goal as future employee is to grow, excel, and develop my skills as a person while offering my full potential to the company.


Work Experience

Sales Clerk/Cashier (12/17/2007 – 04/15/2008)


Last Employer: Fairweather Metrotown

Contact Person: Marion

Responsibilities: Duties included organizing display tables, folding clothes, cleaning, helping customers, handling the cash register and receiving stock.

Ice Cream Artist (01/27/2007 – 08/29/2007)


Last Employer: Port Coquitlam Dairy Queen

Contact Person: Jerry

Responsibilities: Cleaning, helping customers, making and handling food and dessert orders, handling the cash register, and making frozen treats and cakes.

Sales Clerk/Cashier (07/08/2008 – 08/26/2008)


Last Employer: Mostly Music

Contact Person: Greg

Responsibilities: Handling cash register, helping customers, organzing stock, tracking stock, alphabetizing files and stock, book keeping, and cleaning.


Establishment: Riverside Secondary School

Degree: High School Diploma

Education Period: 09/08/2004 - 06/27/2008

Average Grade: B Average

Details: Received food safe and first aid level 1 while attending, was active in both the drama and music programs, attended school functions and extra-curricular activities outside of school hours, put in volunteer work with recycling program and 3rd world outreach program, and worked as photographer and writer for the school paper 'The Eddy' in fall of 04-05.


Determined, patient, works well under pressure, efficient, honest, socially adaptable, handles disgruntled customers well, open minded and willing to learn.

Computer Skills: Can operate Microsoft word, Powerpoint and Excel without problems; typing speed is 75WPM, at its highest was 81WPM.

Foreign Language Skills: Some french, Basic German, some Japanese.


In my spare time I write, read, sing, play various musical instruments, paint and am a qualified Passion Party Consultant.