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cody nickoloff



Im looking for a position in constuction and or electrical becouse it would be a nice field trate to learn for a carrear. It would also be nice to learn and work at the same time for eny other jobs in up comming times.


Work Experience

worker (11/14/2005 – 02/09/2006)

working outside in cold weather learning how to put up drysheets

Last Employer: clay hodge

Contact Person: 907-953-1028

Responsibilities: to help with eny and or all responsiblities moving and clearing heavy objeckets from work site

Accomplishments: cleard alot of land and help with remodeling houses

cogo loder

lifting heavie objuecktes

Last Employer: homedepo

Responsibilities: cleaning outside and lodeing up heavie aplincise

Accomplishments: learning to flag forlifts and learning a little bet abour lumber

crew tranier

working in hot places and haveing to work with fast pace

Last Employer: mcdonleds

Responsibilities: training crew and new hires

Accomplishments: getting promoted

enployee (07/15/2010 – Present)

Fast pace work that looks vary neet.

Last Employer: subway

Responsibilities: Cleaning and helping surve food.


Establishment: finnished school

Degree: high school deplmoa

Education Period: 01/15/2005 - 02/20/2010

Average Grade: 2.5-3.0

Details: Wasint as good in schoole in school as most people but i finnished it off and i wont to learn more hands on


Im good with my hands i can work out side in vary cold weather or hot and also realy good at hands on kinda jobs.

Foreign Language Skills: im learning russion as a seccend langaige

Additional Information

My Dad is in the military and we have had to move alot wich helped me learn to work in exstreamly cold or hot weather.

Honors: Got a cupple metals for valatering with with people that were helping other people.


I ok at snowbarding farly good at forwilling I spit logs when im bored. i also love to walk my dog and ruff house with him. Play video games (not realy inportint). I also have fun  boxing with my brothers good way to stay in shape and have fun at the same time.