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Dave Mathieu

3498 McBean St. , Richmond , Ontario, Canada

(H) 613-692-6416, (C) 613-227-5418,


Thank you for taking the time to review my resume. I am looking for full time year round work. I have 20 years in the construction industry. I grew up farming which  gave me the ability  to do a job well and get it done on time. 

 I operate heavy equipment , ie. excavator, loader,backhoe,dozer as well as many other types of equipment, i have worked sewer and water .I also hold a valid, AZ licence , and have experiance  floating equipment as well as dump trailer. and tri-axle.

I have also been working on heavy equipment  for years. all repairs from drives to head gaskets. as well as welding, 

thank  you

Dave Mathieu

Work Experience

operator /mechanic/welder (09/05/2006 – Present)

operate and maintain ,excavators, skidders, forwarder,horazontal grinder ,tub grinder,log truck, slasher, chain saw. Mechanical repairs. Welding.

Last Employer: David Bourne Tree Service

Contact Person: N/A

Responsibilities: organize crew, deal with city planners, site foreman, as well as layout people and engineers , organize job site(landing) . making sure the job gets completed on time , and efficient

Accomplishments: complete task given to me work with city planners conduct myself in a profesional manner

Truck driver /Equipment Operator (06/02/2003 – 09/05/2006)

Operate Tri-axle ,float , excavator,backhoe, loader, grader, skid steer, dozer,truck and dump trailer, screaning plant, snow plowing, worked sewer and water ,

Last Employer: George W. Drummond Ltd.

Contact Person: Dave Donahue 613-226-4440

Responsibilities: work in a professional manner. operate and maintain equipment, work with foreman and site supers working night shift on snow

Accomplishments: working well with others, keeping equipment in good clean condition,

Truck Driver /Mechanic (10/01/2001 – 06/02/2003)

operate vacume truck, excavator, truck and trailer, (tanker) maintain and repair equipment

Last Employer: Carleton Enviromental Services

Contact Person: Randy Todd 613-838-5550

Responsibilities: operating vacume truck , dealing with home owners, maintaining trucks and trailers. welding, and other shop dutys, from regular maintence to complete rebuilds.

Accomplishments: completed all task given to me in the time allowed, orginize the day , keep on top the maintiance of fleet, ability to be versitile


Establishment: South Carleton High School

Degree: GED

Education Period: 09/07/1982 - 05/23/1986

Average Grade: 78

Details: good in math, as well as shop, and welding


ability to learn fast , complete task on my own welding mechanical ability is strong operating heavy equipment driving truck

Computer Skills: i have a basic knowledge of computers


i have a few hobbies  , motorcycles, i play the drums, i work on old cars ,