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evan schultz



I believe I am an extremely goal oriented person with a superior work ethic and work very well with others. I'm a team player and I'm all about doing what it takes to efficiently finish a job everytime. The career I want to persue is in the field of aviation.  I'm currently working towards this goal within the Army National Guard and have been in community college since 2009. Many of my essential strengths have been supplemented by the army due to the extensive training I've recieved, which includes plenty of physical training, mental awareness, self-discipline, and independence in a professional environment.

Work Experience

Turbine engine mechanic (02/14/2010 – Present)

In the last year I've obtained quite an amount of training from the army. I have had over 30 weeks of active training spanning from basic tasks such as cleaning and organizational skills. Also the educational portion of this training has taught me various methods to maintain a healthy study environment and facilitated excellent learning capabilities that I use in every aspect of my life. The Army Aviation Logistics school taught primarily the importance of accuracy and efficiency when executing a task. My specific job in aviation is a turbine engine specialist. I work on all helicopter engines for the army.

Last Employer: Army National guard.

Contact Person: Sgt. Clark/ 770-375-5282

Responsibilities: Maintaining engines to the best condition possible at any time they could be needed. Keeping the shop clean and tidy as well has organizing the shop. Keep the tools clean and in working condition. Test flights for pilots when working on specific engines.

Accomplishments: I have accrued an extensive amount of experience in working well under pressure, and working in a close environment to others. I feel as I have contributed to others lives by doing the job I do and I think I set a great example for others and volunteering myself for this job makes me proud.

Iphone and computer repairs (04/04/2007 – Present)

In this job I organized different types of computer hardware models. Most of my job consisted of hands on maintenance to fix these electronic products. Also, customer service played a huge part of this job as it is a small family owned business.

Last Employer: Ask Electronics

Contact Person: Aakshay Kripalani/678-230-5774

Responsibilities: Repairing customer's equipment to a high standard equal to that of larger corporations just on a smaller scale.

Accomplishments: Fine motor skills, patience, comradery

Life guard pool maintenance (05/05/2007 – 08/28/2009)

At this job I was resposible for maintaining water chemical levels in several different neighborhoods. I also cleaned the pool area, bathroom area, and performed any other maintenance task as needed. I also greeted members at the gate and checked for current membership status. I am also a certified life guard.

Last Employer: American Pool's of Georgia

Contact Person: 770-638-1665

Responsibilities: Create a friendly,safe, and clean environment for the customer.

Accomplishments: I learned how to work on pool cleaning systems.

apprentice painter (02/19/2004 – Present)

I worked with my father from time to time helping clean walls, paint, caulk walls, sand walls, finish wood, and etc.

Last Employer: Bill Schultz Painting

Contact Person: Bill Schultz/404-932-7067

Responsibilities: I help my father on personal side work that he has from time to time in houses painting etc.

Accomplishments: Well established relationship with my father.


Establishment: Georgia Perimeter College

Degree: Aviation - not finished.

Average Grade: 3.0

Details: I had to stop school when I joined the army temporarily and plan to start back next semester.


Computer Skills: I have been working on computers since the age of twelve and have worked towards becoming a master at what I do. I don't own any certifications but I have had some software development courses I've completed. I also have been fixing computers in my past job for the last four years as well as building them.

Foreign Language Skills: I had two years of german language courses in high school.


My interets outside of work include a small childrens baseball team that I coach and I love to work out doing all different types of activities ranging from rock climbing to swimming. I'm a huge fisher and I love to spend time outdoors. My father is a musician and we both have a great love for the beauty of sound.