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Ryan  frizzell



I would like to apply for the position of head of research an development.

I'm excellent in examining and can pick out the slightest detail from anything.

I Possess great knowledge of any type of animal or plant

Studied with Charles Darwin 

Work Experience

Profesor at Harvard (01/17/1951 – 01/02/2011)

-15 years under my belt -lived in the amazon for 5 years studying the local flora and fauna -much diving and mountaineering experience

Last Employer: Charles Darwin

Contact Person: deceased

Responsibilities: collect and study exotic specimens and collect as much information on rare plants and animals

Accomplishments: found every plant and animal on this plant non have evaded me Ive logged every animal from the heffalump to the woozle


Establishment: oxford

Degree: phd

Education Period: 01/30/1952 - 06/01/1953

Speciality: biology

Average Grade: 110%

Details: major in marine biology minor in zoology


can hit a target the size of a nickel with a rifle from 200 yards can swim 300 metres in 30 seconds

Computer Skills: can hack into any system or computer

Foreign Language Skills: can speak every dialect because of my worldly travels

Additional Information

Honors: summa cum laudde from oxford for my studies of marine biology

Research Projects: i was to collect data on every plant and animal in the world i succeeded and documented every creature

Publications: 2010, "This Wide World", Science daily, released on the site in 2010, 1000000 pages

Conferences or Courses: I'm always running every conference

Professional Membership: platinum chucky cheese membership earning me a free cheese pizza on Fridays, Metcalfe golf and country club

Study Abroad: studied in every country for a large portion of my life studying every animal on earth


Great team worker, great swimmer and very friendly. i can make friends with anyone i meet.