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Hayden Mitchell

10 Snowdrop Cr., Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

(H) 5195791791, (C) 5192123911,


I hope to achive a managerial position at Tim Horton's. This will be accomplished through my hardworking, and goal focused orientation. I am very focused on getting this job because it will pay for my tution to complete school.

Work Experience

Installer (08/15/2009 – Present)

Manual labour installing home theatre systems; hanging tv's, wiring speakers and amps, installing satellietes.

Last Employer: Mitchell Media Group

Contact Person: Jim Mitchell/5192124852

Accomplishments: Become assistant to installer overall boss.


Establishment: Cameron Heights C.I.

Degree: Graduated Gr. 10

Education Period: 09/02/2008 - 06/25/2010

Average Grade: 78

Details: Had very good grades in base courses, specialized in science.


Very experienced with electronics, experienced in physical labour.

Computer Skills: Basic programming, computer fixes.

Additional Information

Honors: Grade 6 Science Award: Best of Class


I love listining to music, and playing it. Have been playing the piano for 7 years, and the saxophone for 2. I am good working with electonics, I have logical skills with computers. I am caring and good with animals and have excellent people skills.