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jame monce


Address: 2233 Stoner Way

City: k9k2e6

State: Ontario

Country: British lndian Ocean Territory

Phone: 665-625-4222
Cell: 663-774-5525


i like to crap my pants


Work Experience

i was a farm hand (12/22/2010 – 12/22/2010)

i got dehydrated and puked

Last Employer: john beimers

Contact Person: 2349723487

Responsibilities: i baled hay

Accomplishments: i slaughtered a cow


Establishment: high schoool

Degree: general

Education Period: 12/22/2010 - 12/22/2010

Speciality: none

Average Grade: 77

Details: i almost failed


i can type fast

Computer Skills: i can make games

Foreign Language Skills: i can translate french