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jennifer gray

63 Robie St., Truro, Nova Scotia, Canada

(C) 902 412 0389,


My objective of submitting this resume is to gain part or full time employment. 

Some strengths i have are:


  • i am committed, 
  • take initiative
  • conduct myself in a professional manor 
  • i have computer knowledge with various programs
  • i use time effectively
  • people friendly


Work Experience

store front (06/08/2009 – 06/11/2010)

Last Employer: tim hortons

Responsibilities: taking orders, cleaning tables, widows, doors

Catering  (09/10/2009 – 06/20/2010)

Last Employer: Robert Langille

Responsibilities: preparing food, cleaning, organizing, serving etc.

Accomplishments: WHMIS

Babysitting/dog sitting  (07/22/2005 – 08/31/2010)

Last Employer: Sally Brown, Dorothy Rogers, Kim Mattinson, Cheryl Bartlett

Responsibilities: Cooking, Cleaning, Feeding Children, Bathing children, Walking dogs, putting kids to bed etc.

Poppy Sales / bagging groceries (09/06/2006 – 07/10/2009)

Last Employer: 2928 RCACC

Responsibilities: Selling poppies for remembrance day. bagging groceries at various stores (sobeys

Farm work  (07/22/2011 – 12/20/2008)

Last Employer: Liz & curtis Smiley

Responsibilities: Feeding Animals, Cleaning pens, making sure animals have water, collecting eggs, washed eggs etc.


Customer service skills. Working cash registers.

Computer Skills: Familiar with Apple & Microsoft programs.

Additional Information

Conferences or Courses: First Aid - July 2007 WHMIS - April 2010


Army Cadets 2928 RCACC