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Heather Smith

4 Applewood Dr. Apt. 205, Belleville, ON, Canada

(H) 613-966-6868,


I am interested in becoming part of a team that works together, and focuses on a commom goal; the care, concern and welfare of the people being supported. I have had previous Pharmaceutical training, and I am a confident, reliable person. I learn quickly, and am confident in my abilities.  I believe I would be a great addition to your current team.

Work Experience

Private Care Giver (01/01/2008 – 01/08/2010)

Daily Support Person for elderly Alzheimer Patient.

Last Employer: Kathy Zimmerman

Contact Person: 905-626-6267

Responsibilities: Daily care given for elderly alzheimer patient ie. exercise, walks, food preparation, toiletries, and bathing. General maintenance of home and yard were also part of required duties.

Store Manager (05/05/2003 – 07/07/2008)

All aspects of running a large 100 acre orchard storefront, selling and organizing sales of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Last Employer: Karen Kaiser

Contact Person: unknown-store was sold

Responsibilities: -worked in main storefront, ordering, sorting, quality assurance, stocking produce, responsible for wholesale and retail orders, maintained cash register for all front end point of sale operations.


Establishment: Dunbarton High School

Degree: G.E.D.

Education Period: 09/04/1990 - 06/30/1993

Average Grade: 75

Establishment: Ontario Business College, Oshawa

Degree: Animal Sciences

Education Period: 09/05/1995 - 06/28/1996

Average Grade: 78

Details: Pharmaceutical training was stand out in my training in college, as well as all other aspects in Animal Sciences.


I am highly skilled in personal care, as well as very adept and dealing with hard to serve clients, as I have worked with Alzheimer's patients. I am a team player, as well as friendly and outgoing. I learn quickly, and will be a definite benefit to your program.

Computer Skills: basic

Foreign Language Skills: none


My hobbies are animals, all kinds, computer gaming and travelling. As well as my children, they are my greatest accomplishment.