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Jerry Jackson

351 Andover Dr. apt 7J, Valparaiso, Indiana, 46383, United States

(C) 219-299-1659,


My main objective is to find full time employment with career opportunities and room for advancement.

Work Experience

Manager (09/17/2009 – 04/30/2012)

Shift Management, restaurant orders and deliveries, food shelf life management, scheduling, training of new employees, stocking and rotating. End of day closing procedures. Labor control and O.T.D. times. Dispatch drivers efficiently. Engage employee reward incentives. Prepare restaurant properly. Run all kitchen duties.

Last Employer: Dominos Pizza

Contact Person: Brian Schramlin 219-465-5500

Responsibilities: Complete management responsibilities including; scheduling staff, cash drops, labor control, maintaining high sales, advertising, food management, company moral, taking/making orders, driver dispatching, customer feedback, efficient event execution, and C.S.R.

Accomplishments: Transforming a 1 star store into a 4 star store

Asset Protection Associate/ A.P.A. Trainer (04/11/2008 – 01/01/2010)

My experience in total theft prevention includes; undercover surveillance, A.P.I.S. theft data entry, camera surveillance, recovering stolen merchandise, assisting in theft related arrests, identifying and targeting high theft traffic areas, logging high theft merchandise to recognize patterns. Investigating internal theft, consistent protection of assets, educating employees in safety, and market training of all new A.P.A. employees within 8 surrounding stores.

Last Employer: Wal-Mart

Contact Person: Aaron Moore 219-395-6756

Responsibilities: Asset Protection including; Merchandise, employees, and customers. Providing daily logs on theft prevention progress. Complete data entry including; detailed narratives and photos. Total store surveillance of external and internal theft including; undercover floor coverage and strategic camera placement. Maintain an organized and dated archive of surveillance video. Assisted with internal theft interviews. Train all hired A.P.A. employees within the market. Educate all Wal-Mart associates on safety and security measures within the store. Recover stolen merchandise.

Accomplishments: Record breaking number of theft preventions by a single A.P.A. Overall situational awareness increase.

Improver/Apprentice (04/14/2005 – 02/25/2008)

Trained Professional in historical building restoration including; Tuck pointing, prewash limestone cleaning, new masonry brick washing, chemical paint stripping, masonry sand blasting, exterior and interior caulking, brick restoration cleaning, Jahn limestone patching, masonry unit replacement, and scaffold erection. Machinery operating includes; multiple size boom lifts, scissor lifts, and swing stages. The ability to handle and work from ladders up to 40" feet.

Last Employer: Midwest Pressure Washing and Restoration

Contact Person: Don Zuidema 219-924-9700

Responsibilities: Tuck point all types of masonry, total new masonry brick cleanup, masonry, window, and concrete caulking, limestone sanding, brick sandblasting, graffiti removal, chemical paint stripping, assemble beams, weights, lines, and hardware for swing stages, erect scaffold, historical building restoration, removal and replacement of masonry units, masonry carbon removal, and structural rebar removal and replacement. Working from heights, and ladders. Operating and working from swing stages, boom lifts, and scissor lifts.

Accomplishments: Conquering working from heights. Working on multiple known historical buildings.

Rollerman/Laborer (05/07/2003 – 04/01/2008)

Total asphalt maintenance Removal of concrete and asphalt, new road planning and laying, over lays, patchwork, seal coating, loot and shovel laborer, residential prep and pave, grading, sewer raising, and compaction of stone and asphalt. Operating skills include multiple size rollers, dump and service truck driving, and skidsteers.

Last Employer: Wally's Paving Inc.

Contact Person: Larry Massat 708-388-9280

Responsibilities: Preparation and removal of existing roads/driveways/lots. Rolling all stone and asphalt. Laboring throughout scope of work. Driving trucks. Maintaining equipment and vehicles. Organizing and maintenance of the shop. Layouts of driveways. Grading stone.

Accomplishments: Creating new roads and driveways in freshly developed communities. Learning all around heavy machinery and labor development skills.

Site Supervisor (05/01/2012 – Present)

Certifications in several areas of machinery including; forklift, electric tugger, tennant riding floor sweeper/scrubber, and l.p. gas handling. Maintaining a positive brand image as a contracted company inside Aldi Brand Warehouse. Efficiently managing crews hours and productivity while remaining profitable on a fixed rate contract.

Last Employer: Everclear Cleaning Solutions

Contact Person: Paige Eckler 1-517-672-2533

Responsibilities: Responsible for managing a crew anywhere from 8 to 10 employees in a large scale warehouse. Maintaining accurate records for all employees including; hire info, taxes, machinery certifications, injury reports, insurance info, vacation and/or requested time off. I perform all duties associated with scheduling, payroll, wage/salary increases, and employee leadership programs. Other duties performed include physical presence and labor in the warehouse anywhere from 40 to 60 hours per week.

Accomplishments: Restructuring daily operations including; fresh approaches on organization, proper staffing/reduction of overtime, reclaiming brand image issues, total overall heightened efficiency.


Establishment: Portage Adult Education

Degree: G.E.D.

Education Period: 02/02/2011 - 05/05/2009

Speciality: Honors Degree

Average Grade: A

Details: Honors Degree with excellent scores


Capable of operating: Swing stages, Boom Lifts, Scissor Lifts, Forklifts, Skidsteers, and Rolling Compacters. Full setup of scaffold, all rigging for swing stages, and also mechanically inclined. The ability to sandblast multiple surfaces, paint, and work with abrasive chemicals safely. Theft seeking and prevention. Manage employees and keeping cost to a minimal. Strong laborer and not afraid to get my hands dirty. Multitasking and being a leader is one of many strong points. Skills in shipping and receiving, inventory control, labor management, employee reward programs. Also some skill in arc welding and some metal work.

Computer Skills: Standard computer skills including detailed case narrative reports.

Additional Information

Certifications or Licensures: Swing stage and scaffold, forklift, tugger, rideon sweeper/scrubber, and L.P. Gas certified. First aid and C.P.R. certified