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jordan wilhelm


Address: 3917 wolf creek dr

City: amelia

State: ohio

Zip: 45102

Country: United States

Phone: (937) 822-1365
Cell: (513) 835-4428


objective: A job in a management/sales/commision field where a intelectual, energetic, and personable salesman can make a positive influence, increase his responsibilty and earning potential


Work Experience

Sales Consultant (05/04/2010 – Present)

Sales/Customer service

Last Employer: Tower Wireless

Contact Person: Jerimiah Abney/ (513) 315-4541

Responsibilities: Hit set goals on many different metrics. Make 3, 30, and 1 year calls to try and generate new and recurring business oppurtunities. Maintain store standards of cleanliness. Take care of customer service issues in a timely manner. Try and set a standard for other employees to follow.

Accomplishments: Have been one of the top paid employees several months since i have been with the company

Fitness Consultant (03/15/2010 – 05/03/2010)


Last Employer: L.A. Fitness

Contact Person: Mark Peace/ (859) 663-2920

Responsibilities: make a set number of sales every day: have set number of appointments every day: make a set number of calls every day:and meet a set number of new prospects every day: meet a monthly quota

Fitness Consultant (07/16/2009 – 02/17/2010)

Sales/Customer service

Last Employer: Urban Active

Contact Person: Tom Ostrander/ (859) 240-5541

Responsibilities: Make a set number of sales every day: have set number of appointments every day. Make a set number of calls every day. Meet a set number of new prospects every day. Meet a monthly quota Take care customer service issues. Make sure all fitness consultants are doing job properly at all times.

Accomplishments: Was a succesful sales manager.


I possess amazing interpersonal skills: the ability to read people: great communication skills: and the ability to empathize with people but stop myself from sympathising.

Computer Skills: great with phone technology: can master any computer/POS system within hours of first seeing it: and all of Microsoft office

Foreign Language Skills: mediocre Spanish skills