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josh Furlotte

abour grove close 33 unit 115, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

(H) 403 200 5168, (C) 403 452 1491,


my objective in this venture is too the best i can do for the company. be a team player bucause if you can`t play as a team the job can be a little more diffacult then it need`s to be .and i hope i can learn more so it can be apllied leater to mantane a good work etheic

Work Experience

line cook  (07/14/2003 – 12/29/2006)

if i have cook for about ten years. work in four styles such as Mexican,french,Mediterranean,Italian

Last Employer: Mcmaster uniaverty/phonix pub

Responsibilities: to maintain the lunch rush-and dinner rush as well. most of the closing and helping changing the keg`s for the bartenders

Accomplishments: all the catering for the events at the university the most we would cook for 250 to be Fed for the dinner



prep,mangment/supervisor/ good knife control sum bucher cut


i enjoy camping . do  a lot of mountain biking . play hockey just to be outside on my time off it`s just good to be  enjoying every day .