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Keith Fox


Address: 2040 Swayne Rd

City: Errington

State: BC

Country: Canada

Phone: 250-586-6180
Cell: 250-954-8613


My goal is to gain full/part time employment with a respected company such as yours. I have been running heavy equipment for years on my families 275 acre farm in Errington B.C. and filling in for local contractors doing everything from excavating footings to digging in irrigation/electrical lines to hoe chucking wood on a timbersale. By my gaining employment from you, you can expect me to be always on time, courtious and profesional when dealing with others. I am a quick learner who is always ready to listen and learn more but at the same time, I can think for myself. I am also very goal orientated and outgoing and friendly.


Work Experience

Hoe Chucker/Log Loader (10/30/2013 – Present)

loading logging trucks with a 300 hitachi button top

Last Employer: Roga/Molehill Mtn

Contact Person: Troy Young

Responsibilities: Check fluids, basic mechanics, greasing, fluids, maintinance of machines and pickup and organizing trucks where they go in an efficient manor to maximize production

Accomplishments: loading between 15-22 loads a day

Hoe Chucker/ Road Builder (04/30/2012 – 12/20/2012)

Roads, Foundations, Logging, Hoe Chucking, Loading trucks, Ditching, Culverts,

Last Employer: Wynde Idustries

Contact Person: Mike Bowater 250-735-3095

Responsibilities: hoe chucker/ road builder

Accomplishments: hoe chucked and road built for Hancock Forest around lake cowichan

Commercial Fisherman (03/15/1997 – Present)

herring,halibut,salmon,crabs and prawns

Last Employer: Lasqueti Fish Co.

Contact Person: Trevor Forbes/ 250-248-0797

Responsibilities: steering boat, dressing/iceing fish, keeping myself and others safe. working at maximum efficiency thru storms with no or next to no sleep day in and day out.

Accomplishments: 70,000 lbs of halibut in 5 days, 100,000 lbs of sockeye in 1 day

Farmhand (01/01/1988 – Present)

I have grown up on family farm operating tractors, excavators, off road dump trucks, small screener and a d6 cat my whole life

Last Employer: Silver Meadows Farm Ltd.

Contact Person: Bob Fox/ 250-248-2808

Responsibilities: looking after 300 head of dairy cows, keeping equipment working as best i can and any excavating needing to be done. pre work inspections, oil and lube changes, basic mechanics

Accomplishments: 2 acre irrigation pond, 1 acre irrigation pond, and numerous decerative ponds

Hoe Chucker (01/17/2012 – Present)

Running hoe chucker on Island Timberlands land, hoe chucking to the landing and for a grapple skidder

Last Employer: Ryka Industries

Contact Person: 250-731-6210

Responsibilities: Greasing, Fueling and basic mechanics

Accomplishments: Hoe chucking, working with hand buckers, I.T.s greentree program


Education Period: 11/30/-1 - 11/30/-1


I can adapt to any situation from working in a gravel pit to digging a foundation to hoe-chucking in the bush because I have worked in alot of different arenas

Additional Information

I have a valid class 5 drivers licence with my own dependable vehicle. I work great with others. I take pride on being punctual and I'm also very responsible

Certifications or Licensures: s100 firefighter training, whimis, BCTimber sales EMS supervisor and level 1 first aid


I have 3 children from a previous marrige that take up all my spare time between hockey and highland dance.