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Keith  Grunerud



Heavy equipment operator

Extensive work experience operating loaders (920,950,960,992's), cat, grader, ice road hauling.  Have worked in remote locations in far north. Employed by Esso building oil leases.  Many years spent working in open pit mining.  Possess Class 1A license.


Work Experience

Equipment operator, mine security. (04/01/2005 – 03/04/2009)

Loader operator, 2 years experience mine security. Performed data entry and followed all mine security regulations.

Last Employer: Shore Gold

Contact Person: Dan Steavley 306-229-4009

Responsibilities: Operate loader, truck. Last 2 years as mine security guard. Worked at security gates and yard in various positions to make sure all mine security regulations were followed. Data entry.

Accomplishments: Moved samples to recovery room and became experienced in the mining regulations of a diamond mine.

Loader, cat, grader operator. Truck driver. (01/07/1977 – 10/15/2003)

Operated loader in rock quarry and on several other jobs. Operate grader building roads and when the airstrip was built in Yellowknife. Ice road hauling. Also operated winch trucks, low boys etc., moved equipment from Edmonton to the North.

Last Employer: RTL Robinson Ltd.

Contact Person: Larry Wheaton 867-873-6271

Responsibilities: Operated all types of heavy equipment, ice road hauling, transporting of equipment. Experience with building of roads and airstrip.

Accomplishments: Worked with this company approxiametly 7 years.

Loader, cat, rock truck operator. (04/03/1996 – 10/06/1999)

Worked at Snap Lake with Nuna Logistics when they built camppads, roads, and airstrip.

Last Employer: Nuna Logistics

Contact Person: Pat Mchale 780-430-1904

Responsibilities: Make sure road grades were met. Worked on building of camppads and airstrip.

Accomplishments: Continuation of experience with heavy equipment.


Details: G.E.D 12


Operate heavy equipment, experience with mine security. Have spent much of working career working in remote areas. Built roads, camppads, airstrips, oil leases. Ice road hauling. Possess Class 1A license. Have worked in open pit mines.

Computer Skills: basic data entry

Additional Information

Prefer to work in a camp setting. Have spent most of working career in remote locations.

Certifications or Licensures: Class 1A license. G.E.D 12


Avid collector of antiques.  Enjoy studying history.