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matt wilkes

5211-186st., Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

(H) 780-481-7580, (C) 780-994-7580,


Seeking position as first year electrical apprentice within a company willing to teach me the necessary knowledge  and skills needed to develop into an excellent electrician.  Past experience and skills in 12 volt electrical, and a basic understanding of the principles of electrical work, would prove to be an asset to any company.  Hard working and reliable; good with anything mechanical and/or electrical; avid interest in electrical trade developed through past work experience; good common sense.

Work Experience

Automotive Apprentice/ Truck Body Electrician (08/05/2008 – 01/01/2010)

Worked within the electrical department of General Body and Equipment's truck body manufacturing company. I have extensive experience in twelve volt electrical.

Last Employer: General Body and Equiptment

Contact Person: Chris Taylor/ 780-721-4276

Responsibilities: Reading and interpreting the schematics drawn up for each truck. This included both where the electrical components of the body were to be installed and how the installed electrical components tied into the twelve volt system currently equipped in that particular truck.

Accomplishments: During my two years at General, I went from having no knowledge of electrical, to being trusted by supervisors, as well as co-workers, to complete all of the wiring needs on any of the truck manufactured by the company with little to no assistance.


Establishment: Jasper Place High School

Degree: Grade Twelve Diploma

Education Period: 09/05/2005 - 06/18/2008

Details: Honors; Football Team Member (3 years)

Establishment: NAIT

Degree: Automotive Apprentice Training Year one

Education Period: 09/28/2009 - 11/26/2010

Average Grade: 87%


Excellent with anything mechanical as well as electrical, which in some circumstances intertwine. Excel at, and enjoy, any work involving the hands

Computer Skills: Computer literate.

Additional Information

A very hard worker who takes pride in his accomplishments.


Enjoy all sports with a special interest in football and hockey. Played organized hockey throughout childhood and currently play in a less competitive league.  Member of the Jasper Place Football Team for three years.  Avid golfer who believes golf to be one of, if not the most, challenging of all sports.

Enjoy the outdoors regularly, spending as much time as possible at our family cottage.  Love snowmobiling in the winter, and all water sports in the summer.  Enjoy the relaxation and excitement involved in fishing.

Strong interest in physical fitness; regularly work-out.