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nathan ehn



To use my mechanical skills in the automotive industry 


Work Experience

Mechanic (03/02/2009 – Present)

Changing tires, oil, rebuilding engines, redoing transmission, exhaust systems, and body work.

Last Employer: Mr. Lube

Contact Person: George Smith/768-2845

Responsibilities: Assistant manager in charge of training new employes, scheduling shifts and making bank deposits each day.

Accomplishments: - Received 2009 Top Mechanical Award. - Serviced over 5, 000 vehicles in a 3 month period


Establishment: Confederation College

Degree: Automotive Mechanic

Education Period: 09/03/2007 - 05/21/2008

Speciality: Big machine repair

Average Grade: 95%


Welding certificate, woodworking certificate, demolition expert, explosive handler

Computer Skills: Mac, PC

Foreign Language Skills: French fully fluent

Additional Information

Have completed Mechanical Engineering at at Confederation College

Honors: Received Honors in Automotive course

Research Projects: - Rebuilt a 1970 corvette - Designed and built a solar car

Professional Membership: National Hot Rod Association

Certifications or Licensures: Mechanical Certification #184474784


Grandview Hockey, soccer, hiking, rock climbing, mountain biking, swimming, acoustic guitar, shelter house volunteer, Scouts Canada Leader assistant, shoveling snow for elderly neighbors, cutting grass for neighbors, tree cutting, canoe guide