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nicholas edwards


Address: 334 Victoria Rd. N

City: Guelph

State: Ontario

Country: Canada

Phone: 519-837-4986


My objective is to get a job that i can grow and develop in.  The position of cashier seems perfect to my type of personality and work ethic as i am a social yet hardworking person.  I have very strong mathematical skills also.



Establishment: John F. Ross CVI

Degree: Gr.10

Education Period: 09/01/2008 - 02/27/2010

Speciality: all my compulsery credits needed

Average Grade: I maintain a 70-80% average

Details: I get high marks in mathematics.


- went through 2 summers (2008/2009) of volunteer service as an L.I.T (leader in training) - have worked hard tough jobs of 12 hrs construction

Foreign Language Skills: i know a fair amount of french, and can understand it when needed.


 I do track, rugby, and i love working with kids/people. i have recieved over 40hrs of community service.