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Quinton  Allain


Address: 2692 main street

City: Hillsborough

State: Newbruinswick

Country: Canada

Phone: 506-203-0081


im very smart with computers!


Work Experience

Auction person (07/17/2008 – Present)

i work at an auction monthly

Last Employer: Jason dawney

Contact Person: 506-734-1212

Responsibilities: dishwasher, taking the garbage out, baby sitting, vacumming

Accomplishments: basketball medals, skating medals, running medals, soccer medals


Average Grade: B+

Details: i work really hard in school and i am currently a gold student


bmxing, basketball, dancing

Computer Skills: i know how to make a computer run up to 4x faster, i know how to set a desktop computer up, i started learning about computers when i was 5

Foreign Language Skills: i know a bit of French and my main language is English

Additional Information

Honors: im a gold student in my school


i like to go biking , i like basket ball, i love computers, i like to hang out with my friends on weekends.