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ray shoulders

1060 Brock Apt.205, Windsor, Ontario, Argentina

(H) 519-985-6855,


I'm interested in a position with your organization and would very much like to be a member of your team.

Work Experience

baker (02/11/1991 – 07/24/1992)

I wass committed to consistently to producing the highest quality products.

Last Employer: Steimar Bakery

Contact Person: Mark

Responsibilities: I was one on a team that did a nightly production of bread and rolls.

baker (07/06/1992 – 10/30/2009)

mixed doughs and batters and did all things that the bakery required.

Last Employer: Zehrs

Responsibilities: Responsib;e for all functions related to baking and maintaining a neat, clean and organized work environment.

baker and cook (06/15/2009 – 01/29/2010)

Cooking meals for the patrons

Last Employer: Walkerville Tavern

Responsibilities: I was a grill cook making pizza, hamburgers,chicken wings, shiskabobs etc.


Establishment: St.Clair College

Degree: Baking Certificate


I have been a cab driver which has helped me to get along with everybody. Since 1980 I have many different challenges in this food industry and I'm always looking to learn more.

Computer Skills: I have average computer skills.


I love music but I'm getting a little too old to play the sports I once played. So I game a bit on the XBox. I also like to read.