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robert holland

1464 county rd.28 RR#7 Brighton, Quinte West, Ontario, Canada

(H) 6133973166, (C) 6138273674, (F) 6133971873


Your company needs a skilled tradesman. Carpentry is the field in which you seek an ambitious, self motivated craftsperson to help your business shine above others in this field. Having run my own business, with over 25 years experience in all aspects of construction, from log and timberframe to stone masonary to finish work, I believe myself an asset to any construction company.

Work Experience

Lead Carpenter (05/24/2010 – Present)

I have been doing contract work for SG Construction. Supervision of workers in my charge as well as crew supervision.

Last Employer: SG Construction

Contact Person: Steve Garvin 613 929 8852

Responsibilities: Supervision of men and materials, blue print interpretation, assure quality work done in a timely manner, installation of doors and windows, bulk heads and back framing, as well as keep good customer relations.

Accomplishments: Last project worked on for SG was a $450,000 home on Wolf Island near Kingston Ontario. Also have built additions and garages for same company.

labour/quality control (02/08/1980 – 12/08/2008)

Worked over 30 years in a paper mill doing various job with the last 10 years in quality control lab setting

Last Employer: Sonoco Corp. Canada

Contact Person: Jason Giffin 613 392 1231

Responsibilities: The testing of the quality of product to assure all parameters are within customer specifications.

Accomplishments: 30 years of service, several university level credits and now a clear understanding of where my future and career will lead. Having learnt what I am made of, partly by being able to hold down two jobs and partly becuase of maturity, I have learned and demonstrated loyalty, responsibility and now the satisfaction in knowing it is time to move on and use the skills I have been blessed with that have came so naturally to me.

Log and Timber Framer owner and operater (06/30/1986 – Present)

The fabrication of log and timber frame homes, felling and skidding of trees, sawing into timber. Crew supervision. Sales and creation of preliminary drawings for the customer. Concrete form work foundations, erection and completion of turn-key homes

Last Employer: Trent Valley Log Homes

Contact Person: Robert Holland 613 397 3166

Responsibilities: All aspects of timber frame building from start to finish. Supervision, customer relations. Quality control

Accomplishments: Built several high end homes and out buildings for satisfied customers. Excelled in the trade and achieved Ontario trade certificate. Honed rough and finishing skills to the level they are today.


Supervision, and working with skilled trades. Stick framing, rough and finished carpentry, timber framing and log building, woodworking and fabrication. I am also an accomplished and skilled sawyer, stone and brick masonry, as well i am skilled in welding and steel fabrication.

Computer Skills: basic computer skills, word docs, spreadsheets.

Additional Information

I have been a licensed carpenter since 1991.

Certifications or Licensures: Ontario General Carpenter Trade Certificate


 I am in good physical condition and am able to work along side most 20 year olds. I am considered to be an artistic person and a perfectionist.I love doing high end work were the end product is the most important part of the job. I can do baths and kitchens, hardwood flooring and decorative tile work.  I enjoy and build stained glass as well  many woodworking projects, replicating period trims and moldings is one of my passions. i love old arcitecture.

Having a great love for the outdoors, I hunt and fish, boat and downhill ski. The outdoors is where I choose to be most of the time when not working and working as well, if the position affords it. I have two great children and wonderful wife, who above all, mean the most to me. I am very proud to say I have made enough an impression on my son that he has chosen to become a carpenter as well, dispite all the long hours of "torture" I put him through as a child with my building projects over the years.

I own a 16' enclosed trailer that is set up as a mobile shop. I have every tool needed to build in there as well as do renovations and finish work. From log and timber framing hand and power tools, generators to tablesaws and compound mitre saws, to framing and finish nailers I have all high end equipment of my own.