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robert keleny


Address: 435 springfield st.

City: victoria

State: british.columbia.

Country: Canada

Phone: 250-478-4739


  • Well im realy looking for any thing diferent ! I have roofed for five or so years! I wouldent mind leying brick,painting i have painted a bunch before! i try to be perfect at all i do but nuthing is! I want something to do at all times of my shift!!


Work Experience

roofer (01/07/2009 – 10/20/2010)

throwing shingles on,packing bundles,big clean ups,steep slops.

Last Employer: topline

Contact Person: art#250-478-0500

roofer (01/12/2010 – 09/01/2010)

throwing on shingles,packing bundles,big clean ups

Last Employer: phil smith

Contact Person: 250-383-9428

matinance (11/01/2010 – 11/16/2010)

cleaning,riping off tiles,moving furniture,filters,painting,salls all quorter inch pipe.its in thunderbay ontario

Last Employer: habibe enterprises


Establishment: s.j.willis blanshard and hillside

Degree: grade 11 but i would like to go back to finish and more

Education Period: 01/01/1999 - 06/28/2002

Average Grade: b

Details: i had to make money for my family


good problem solver,very hard worker,like to get the job finished,not scared to try some thing new,I'm very up beat if i know i all ways have some thing to do i don't like to be Bored!!

Computer Skills: the two finger skill lol

Additional Information

I'm very eager to get to work i just got back from thunder.bay.ontario

Honors: i was a big brother in school i was all ways good in sports like to keep fit

Research Projects: I've worked at timhortons,subway. i wanted to do more I've been on and off of roofing .I've quit most of the establishments i get Bord because there at times isn't much to do.


  • My magor hobby is my dauter I love to take here out and just do some thing.Fishing is a prety big thing to me i watch a lot of ufc.I have bonsies in my back yard i tend to them after work avery day lol!! To keep my mind at ezz!I work out once in a while.