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clay cholin


Address: 8912 115 ave

City: Fort.St John

State: B.C

Country: Canada

Phone: 250 787 2268
Cell: 250 264 2838
Fax: n/a


i would like to join a field of tearing down buildings such as wrecking ball operator. 


Work Experience

wreching ball operator (04/11/2007 – Present)

was a constrution worker for 3 years

Last Employer: james markis Stand Tall co

Contact Person: 250-785-9924

Responsibilities: i have to watch over the rest of the group and help with lots of the machinery that is used to construct buildings

Accomplishments: we completed a 3 story building in 22 days with 6 people working on it


Establishment: N/A

Degree: N/A

Speciality: N/A

Average Grade: B+


I can work with other people very well and cominucation is no problem for me

Computer Skills: i can use spreadsheets, Word documents, and the internet

Foreign Language Skills: N/A


I play football every sunday, i have intrests in learning other skills that come with Carpentry but demolition is one thing that i'v wanted to learn how to do for years