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Meagan Mcinnes


Address: 105 Bulyea Road

City: Edmonton

State: Alberta

Country: Canada

Phone: 780-752-2990
Cell: 780-719-8042


I am looking for any position in a restaurant


Work Experience

 (09/04/2007 – Present)

Dance instructor at Riverbend dance academy, Dish washer,

Last Employer: Marylen Loyd

Contact Person: 780-752-2990

Responsibilities: I tought ballet and tap to 4, 5 and 6 year olds, I had to make sure the dishes were washed


Establishment: D.S Mackenzie

Degree: Grade 9


Dancer in tap,jazz, ballet, contemorary, modern, ballroom,

Computer Skills: I can work one

Foreign Language Skills: fluent in english speak some french


desighning, dancing, helping,