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vincent spinello


Address: 7 balagundi drive

City: Lara

State: vic

Zip: 3212

Country: Australia

Phone: 03 52824386
Cell: 0424754882


 Professional alignment in the automotive sector that will benefit from my marketing skills professiional contacts and commitment to sucess in every aspect of quality. Seeking a position requiring excellent skills in various aspects of the work force always looking for a challenge that require solutions, team leading, buisness managenment and customer service.


  • Motorsport engineering
  • osiliscope / emission testing
  • Diagnostics
  • Dynomotmeter
  • Engine Rebuilding/ race
  • Team management porsche racing


Work Experience

manager (10/31/1993 – 06/30/2008)

Maintained a level of efficiency throughout the 15 years served at promech motorsport. Project managed and built over 36 vehicles for motorsport purposes each project ranging from $60k to $500k. My day to day activities were to maintain a high level of quality through the workshop meeting with new clients and maintaining a relationship with existing clients.

Last Employer: Tony Spinello

Contact Person: 0404882922

Responsibilities: To manage work place include, running office assisting in diagnostics with cars in workshop and project managing the build of race cars

Accomplishments: 1997-2001 built and raced BMW for CEO or Norwich Union. 2001-2005 Built Audi Quattro Sports and raced again for CEO Norwich Union Serviced and maintained fleet vehicles for siemens Australia from 1993-2002 Serviced and maintained Fleet vehicles for Melbourne water 1996-2001 serviced and Maintained fleet vehicles for Just Jeans Australia 2002-2006

manager (06/30/2010 – Present)

Skills include, diagnostic and use of all test equipment. ie gas analyser, osiliscope, scanners, welding, dynomometer tunning. Book keeping invoicing customer service. Customer relations.

Last Employer: Jack Waldron

Responsibilities: Managing workshop including staff members and arranging day to day activities for mechanics and apprentices as well as myself working on vehicles

Accomplishments: Since being employed at this premises i have been able to modernise the type of work carried out on cars as well as include jobs that were never carried out here. I have also reduced the rate of failures in workmanship and strengthed the bond, confidence within the workplace

Race prep/manager (01/15/2008 – Present)

Skills include, diagnostic and use of all test equipment. ie gas analyser, osiliscope, scanners, welding, dynomometer tunning. Book keeping invoicing customer service. Customer relations.

Last Employer: stuart drummond

Responsibilities: Assist in vehicle set up tunning, manage and arrange transport of vehicles to destination responsible for vehicle maintenanace and other team members throughout the race weekend

Accomplishments: 5 podium finishes and a 3rd out right in a championship over one year assistance since being employed with nine plus


Establishment: Batman Automotive Tafe

Degree: Automotive Mechanic

Education Period: 03/03/1992 - 08/15/1994

Average Grade: A+

Establishment: St. Josephs North Melbourne

Education Period: 02/05/1990 - 11/26/1991

Average Grade: B

Establishment: Trinity College Brunswick,Melb

Degree: Year 7 - Year 10

Education Period: 02/04/1985 - 11/23/2010

Average Grade: B


Ability to understand peoples requirements and needs to attend to them. I have a high level of drive to maintain customer retension and relationships. All office skills relating to day to day buisness managemet .ie banking reconcile invoicing roster . my main ability around management is the high level skill to perform automotive solutions to vehicles as well as concept and design.

Computer Skills: General skills in computer office situationsand have a very comprehensive skill in automotive diagnostic tools and equipment

Foreign Language Skills: Italian

Additional Information

i have been part of a consultation group and was participated in CNG conversion project in Singapore also managed the second largest taxi fleet in singapore for 12 months to reduce the amount of workshop failures and build into their system a more western solution to quality and control of their fleet.

Research Projects: I have been involved in various projects from building race cars to building tyre crushing machines to designing new road axles for Jayco Australia

Publications: i have been in various articles relating to work i have done and achievements throughout my career in the automotive and racing sector

Conferences or Courses: Coda australia in 1995 i was trained to use the new 5 gas analyser.

Professional Membership: Vacc

Certifications or Licensures: Victorian Roadworthy Tester.


My main interests are motor racing. I also enjoy spending any time i have with my family outings, travelling and sports including fishing and golf. Also love to cook on weekends in my spare time.