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Professional alignment with Taco Bell in a position that will benefit from my marketing skills, managing skills and commitment to being punctual as well as courteous. Seeking position requiring excellent business management skills in a solid work environment. Position should require a variety of tasks, including management, time deadlines, working under pressure and working on a schedule.


Work Experience

General Manager (12/05/2005 – 01/02/2009)


Last Employer: Sun Mountain Gun Club

Contact Person: Skeeter Phelan; Passed away

Responsibilities: Cooking/Grilling food. Managing cash and orders. Making sure other employees were to work on time and prepared for the days work. Managing work schedule.

Accomplishments: Promoted to Manager, Perfected order taking, came up with some money saving ideas for food distributing.

Division Yeoman (07/21/2009 – 04/13/2010)


Last Employer: United States Navy

Contact Person: AD1 Rodreguez 559-469-3137

Responsibilities: Maintain order. Maintian Files for 60 recruits. Manage meetings and appointments. Remain on time in uniform and make certain no recruits got into any kind of trouble.

Accomplishments: Working for the Navy I gathered skills in being on time, being always in uniform, being responsible for up to 60 other recruits, and taking responsibility for my actions. I was promoted my first two weeks in basic training from an E1 to an E2.


Establishment: Fresno City College; Fresno California

Degree: Associates Degree

Education Period: 01/11/2009 - 09/01/2010

Speciality: Forensics

Average Grade: 3.4


Quick learner, Enjoy working, Hard worker, Always on time, Always professional.

Computer Skills: Taken Computer classes in College. Can work any program within mintues.

Foreign Language Skills: Some background knowledge in Spanish. Not fluent.

Additional Information

Honors: Recieve Cal Grant.


Very interested in Volleyball; I coached 4th graders at my grade school. Enjoy Native American pow-wows in the mountains. The Grind in Oakhurst is known for its musical performances; which I attend often.