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william kunkle

2485 hilltout, Abbotsford, B.C, Canada

(C) 604/226/4842,


I am currently seeking a full time position and to better my current expearience's

Work Experience

Countermen,Shipper (09/11/2009 – 03/03/2011)

Selling autoparts, Gas station cashier, oil field fixing valves, carpenter helper,Roofer

Last Employer: Lordco autoparts

Contact Person: kit gill 604-556-9800

Responsibilities: countermen selling parts assisting costumes. Shipper,Making sure parts get out fast and sufficiently as possable.

Accomplishments: would like to further my expearience in the auto industry i like helping costumers.


machanics,carpentry,some painting,


i like listening to music alot,playing my ps3 is allways fun, and like to airbrush paint